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  • 11 years ago | Film Reviews

    It may not be an "iconic manifestation of civilization," as documentarian Ken Burns proclaims, but The New York Times crossword puzzle is undoubtedly an institution. Printed every day for the past 64 years, in weekly cycles of increasing difficult...

  • 12 years ago | Film Reviews

    The coming-out tale Summer Storm is set at a rowing camp, where teams of boys and girls from around Germany train for a regatta. One of the crews, made up of gay boys from Berlin, is called the Queerstrokes, and that's about par for the course in ...

  • 12 years ago | Film Reviews

    Countless are the creative souls who struggle with mental illness, as are the novels and films dedicated to them. Again and again, we've encountered artists both inspired and undermined by their madness, whose torment and tumult produce works of b...

  • 12 years ago | Film and TV

    Ellie Parker (Strand) This extremely raw portrait of an actress trying -- and failing -- to make it in Hollywood showcases Naomi Watts in a wrenching and sympathetic performance. Writer-director Scott Coffey shot the movie over nearly six years, b...

  • 12 years ago | Film Reviews

    The Boys of Baraka, a fine documentary about a group of inner-city, at-risk boys who travel to Kenya to attend a special school, comes close to greatness. For more than an hour, the film is a sharp and blazing account of how boys with multiple cha...

  • 12 years ago | Film Reviews

    In Nicole Holofcener's first feature, 1996's Walking and Talking, the writer-director warmly portrayed an adult female friendship, nudging at emotional issues without resorting to shtick or melodrama. Five years later, Holofcener's Lovely and Amaz...


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