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  • Whiskey Shivers Enlist Familiar Face for Further Hijinks

    published Dec 08, 2014

    "I was on a trip to Ireland with my family when I fell in love with the fiddle," recalls Bobby Fitzgerald. "It just seemed so fucking cool!" The Whiskey Shivers front man began playing the instrument... More >>

  • Now Just Freeman, Gene Moves on Past Ween

    Now Just Freeman, Gene Moves on Past Ween

    published Oct 23, 2014

    Life wasn't so sweet for Gene Ween in 2011. In fact, it was pretty sour, hitting a tragic low at a concert in Vancouver, during which the former Ween front man mostly lay sprawled across the stage flo... More >>

  • The War on Drugs' Adam Granduciel Pulls It Together

    The War on Drugs' Adam Granduciel Pulls It Together

    published Sep 25, 2014

    On a rare day off, War On Drugs front man Adam Granduciel speaks to me from his Philadelphia home. In the background, clinking kitchen noise can be heard as he prepares his morning coffee ("French Pre... More >>

  • Counting Crows Return Behind "Best Record We've Ever Made"

    published Jul 28, 2014

    21 years after the release of Counting Crows' notable debut August and Everything After, front man Adam Duritz is confident the band's forthcoming seventh album, Somewhere Under Wonderland, is their b... More >>


    Please Don't Ever Call Parquet Courts Slackers

    published May 30, 2014

    In Journalism 101, students are taught to use adjectives sparingly, as their overuse actually weakens a description. Parquet Courts, a band that's been descriptively categorized by critics ad nauseam,... More >>

  • The Reckless Abandon of "New Age Flake" Lydia Loveless

    published May 26, 2014

    Lydia Loveless is animalistic. She's fickle and she's wild. Sometimes, the Ohio-bred farm girl is charming and almost vulnerable -- but that "purr" is almost always closely trailed by a razor-sharp hi... More >>

  • Steve Gunn: Kurt Vile's Philly Pal Enjoys Some Time Off

    published May 02, 2014

    One of the perks of interviewing modern musicians is soaking up their insider music recommendations. For instance, Kurt Vile couldn't recommend his friend, collaborator and former Violators band mate ... More >>

  • Waxahatchee's Katie Crutchfield: At Home Wherever She Goes

    published Apr 03, 2014

    Waxahatchee front woman Katie Crutchfield is a homebody...sort of. Geographically speaking, she's relatively nomadic. Born and bred in Alabama, Crutchfield was raised as Southern as they come. Three... More >>

  • Be Kind, Rewind: The Bedroom Brilliance of Radiator Hospital

    published Apr 02, 2014

    At 22 years old, Radiator Hospital auteur Sam Cook-Parrott was just a baby during the early '90s, when the DIY ethic worked its way into rock music for good. He definitely carries on that modus operan... More >>

  • Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks at Fitzgerald's, 3/7/2014

    Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks at Fitzgerald's, 3/7/2014

    published Mar 10, 2014

    Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks Fitzgerald's March 7, 2014 "Can you remember the thrill and the rush/ You're not out of touch/ Come tonight, you'll see/ No one here has changed, and no one ever will." T... More >>

  • Stephen Malkmus Has No Problem With Houston, He Swears

    published Mar 05, 2014

    For the guy widely known for putting "slacker-rock" on the musical map, former Pavement front man Stephen Malkmus sure stays busy. His current band, The Jicks -- which formed in 2000, immediately afte... More >>

  • Gouge Away

    published February 27, 2014

    Inquiring Minds Several words come to mind when pondering the Pixies, among them "pioneering," "innovative" and "influential."... More >>

  • Pixies Gouge Away Through Recent Lineup Turmoil

    Pixies Gouge Away Through Recent Lineup Turmoil

    published Feb 25, 2014

    Several words come to mind when pondering the Pixies, among them "pioneering," "innovative" and "influential." Lately, it's safe to add "resilient" when discussing the veteran rockers. Since their 1... More >>

  • Neutral Milk Hotel at Warehouse Live, 2/19/2014

    Neutral Milk Hotel at Warehouse Live, 2/19/2014

    published Feb 20, 2014

    Neutral Milk Hotel Warehouse Live February 19, 2014 Wednesday night's sold-out crowd at Warehouse Live was filled to the brim, as eager fans awaited newly reunited art-rockers Neutral Milk Hotel. For... More >>

  • Superchunk at Fitzgerald's, 2/7/2014

    Superchunk at Fitzgerald's, 2/7/2014

    published Feb 10, 2014

    Superchunk Fitzgerald's February 7, 2014 As nations united in Sochi Friday to celebrate an age-old Olympic tradition, Houston Gen-Xers skipped the Opening Ceremonies and gathered at Fitzgerald's inst... More >>

  • Yuck at Rudyard's, 2/6/2014

    published Feb 07, 2014

    Yuck Rudyard's February 6, 2014 There were a few possible reasons for Houstonians to stay indoors last night: Not only was it the first televised night of the Winter Olympics, but it was also unchara... More >>

  • Behold Shoegaze Stars Yuck: We're a Band in Transition

    Behold Shoegaze Stars Yuck: "We're a Band in Transition"

    published Feb 04, 2014

    Since their 2011 debut, London-based shoegazers Yuck have earned an esteemed spot among the in-the-know indie circuit. With an impressive self-titled debut under their belts, their momentum has been g... More >>

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