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  • The Gang's All Here

    published December 23, 2010

    Just in time for the whole family to file into the multiplex on a silent Christmas night when there's nowhere else to go: a return to the... More >>

  • Life on Narnia

    published December 9, 2010

    A massive project, taken up lightly by Disney in the giddy post-Lord of the Rings atmosphere and dropped upon failing to return the... More >>

  • Blood Simple

    published September 30, 2010

    An orphan for all practical purposes, 12-year-old Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) has been left to sprout like a weed. At home, he gets sparse recognition... More >>

  • Wall Street Bailout

    published September 23, 2010

    Oliver Stone's Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps doesn't have the clean, fable-like arc of its predecessor, the tale of the Fox and... More >>

  • Townie Made Good

    published September 16, 2010

    Directing himself as a verifiable big-movie lead after some time in supporting-actor Triple-A ball, director-star Ben Affleck models a full line... More >>

  • Cop Out

    published September 9, 2010

    After obligatory helicopter views of New York's skyline open Adam McKay's The Other Guys, we're introduced to Danson and Highsmith... More >>

  • Faith No More

    published August 26, 2010

    With a small, well-chosen cast, sly script, and slippery, ambivalent characters, The Last Exorcism gives a welcome twist to the... More >>

  • Twilight of the Bods

    published August 12, 2010

    ''If the money's right, we don't care where the job is." So explains the leader of hired-gun task force The Expendables, Barney Ross (Sylvester... More >>

  • Cop Out

    published August 5, 2010

    After obligatory helicopter views of New York's skyline open Adam McKay's The Other Guys, we're introduced to Danson and Highsmith... More >>

  • Get Outta My Dreams

    published July 15, 2010

    Inception is a chilling trip into the psyche...of writer-director Christopher Nolan, an Anglo-American action director who shattered... More >>

  • Kung Fu Hustle

    published June 10, 2010

    Like its predecessor, 2010's Harald Zwart-directed The Karate Kid begins with an uprooting. Young Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) and his... More >>

  • Bringing Up Baby

    published June 3, 2010

    Though Sundance-screened and sporting an upscale cast, writer-director Vincenzo Natali's Splice has a mad science quality. He has... More >>

  • Built to Last

    published May 6, 2010

    As Iron Man 2 begins, Tony Stark — mechanical genius, Forbes 400 perennial, the pop-star CEO of Stark Industries — has... More >>

  • Out of the Past

    published February 18, 2010

    Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island, a florid art shocker that Paramount welcomed into the world with the strained enthusiasm of a... More >>

  • Yippee Ki Yay, Fils de Putain

    published February 4, 2010

    As personal assistant to the U.S. Ambassador to France, James Reese (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) can keep himself in well-tailored suits and keep his... More >>

  • Back From the Edge?

    published January 28, 2010

    "Did you shoot my daughtah?" is the question posed, in flat-voweled Bostonian, in the trailer for Edge of Darkness. And Mel Gibson,... More >>

  • Misery and Gin

    published January 14, 2010

    Yesterday's honky-tonk hero, Bad Blake, arrives at a Clovis, New Mexico, bowling alley. It's another in a string of low-pay, low-turnout gigs with... More >>

  • Kicking Ass for Jesus

    published January 14, 2010

    Directors Allen and Albert Hughes were raised by an Armenian mother and African-American father. With such a background, it would be difficult not... More >>

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