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1993 Stories by Peter Szatmary

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  • What It Is, What It Was, What It Shall Be

    published December 30, 1993

    You know it's been an interesting year at the movies when the Paramount takeover is relegated to the business pages. I wonder which studio... More >>

  • Beyond the Normal Range

    published December 23, 1993

    More than a decade ago, rapt New York theatergoers listened to four Jews in a room bitching. That was the opening song -- "Four Jews in a Room... More >>

  • Pretty Woman, Bad Movie

    published December 23, 1993

    Woodward and Bernstein, meet Roberts and Washington (as in Julia and Denzel). The 1970s real-life investigative team that Hoffman and Redford play... More >>

  • The Summer House

    published December 23, 1993

    Not even the legendary Jeanne Moreau can spice up this mild, familiar, domestic comedy-drama about the attempt by a 1950s English girl to escape... More >>

  • Geronimo: An American Legend

    published December 16, 1993

    The surrender of Geronimo is functionally brought to life, this time, though, with white-eyes as the bad guys. Focusing on the final months of the... More >>

  • "My Culture Is My Beauty"

    published December 9, 1993

    "I love films that project the culture of the filmmaker, that make observations about his world and his background," Iranian filmmaker Bahram... More >>

  • Auntie Maim

    published December 2, 1993

    Mercy killing as madcap mayhem. Corpses hidden, moved, buried and discovered like dogs at the bone. Insanity brushed aside as the eccentricity of... More >>

  • Cormanosaur

    published December 2, 1993

    What with Steven Spielberg's dinosaurs stomping through Jurassic Park, Roger Corman's got left behind in the prehistoric shuffle. ThatÕs... More >>

  • The Heavenly Twins

    published December 2, 1993

    The mysterious symbiotic relationship between identical twins is penetratingly rendered in Christa Ritter and Rainer Langhans' documentary, The... More >>

  • Boys' Shorts: The New Queer Cinema

    published December 2, 1993

    There's not much new in Boys' Shorts: The New Queer Cinema, a feature-length program of six short gay films. In mostly uninspired ways, it... More >>

Archives: 1996 | 1995 | 1994 | 1993