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  • Friday Night: Flo Rida at House of Blues

    published Dec 19, 2011

    Just before heading out to House of Blues on Friday, we sent the same text message to nine random friends: "Hey, I'm playing trivia and could really use some help. Quick, name a Flo Rida song," to whi... More >>

  • 12 Music Business Predictions for 2012

    published Dec 19, 2011

    Where were we? Oh yeah, crystal ball and prophesies. You ready for this? OK. What follows is a list of events we expect to befall the music industry in 2012. Yes, these are etched in stone and should ... More >>

  • Houston's Mezzanine Lounge Named Smartest Bar in America

    published Dec 15, 2011

    Contrary to what you may have heard up north, Texas isn't a congeries of lazy, narrow-minded, horse-riding, Dolly Parton-blasting moon calves. The truth is, we're just some easygoing folks who happen... More >>

  • A Roundup of the 2011 Music Industry Based Strictly on Band Names

    published Dec 09, 2011

    Theologians love saying things like "Man is created superior to animals" and "Animals can't be equal with humans." And then we go scouring philosophy books to see if animals have immortal spirits and ... More >>

  • Musical Microwave Sings When Your Food is Ready

    published Dec 02, 2011

    All modern inventions have one thing in common: They fix things. They spot a dilemma, figure out what's wrong and make it right so we can go on living a beautiful and joyous life. Take the musical mic... More >>

  • Slim Thug, Bun B, and Paul Wall Agree the Cougars are Kind of Awesome

    Slim Thug, Bun B, and Paul Wall Agree the Cougars are Kind of Awesome

    published Dec 01, 2011

    Well, this is weird. There's an undefeated team in town. And with the 12-0 Cougars hosting Southern Miss this Saturday, H-town loyalty is understandably high. We now have the perfect anthem for this w... More >>

  • Geto Boy Alum Big Mike Breaks His Silence with New Album

    published Nov 29, 2011

    Big Mike will always be linked to his ephemeral stint in the Geto Boys. When Willie D left the Geto Boys in 1992, J. Prince called on Mike to replace him. Mike left L.A. and a potential deal with Suge... More >>

  • 7 Houston Rap Tributes by Non-Houston Rappers

    published Nov 29, 2011

    Are you happy with your current city? Yeah? Then feel free to ignore this list of rappers from other cities drooling over all things Houston. It's likely to breed envy. Some of these come from gushing... More >>

  • 6 Musicians and Their Charities

    6 Musicians and Their Charities

    published Nov 22, 2011

    The main knock on celebrity charity is that it's essentially a brand-building tool -- good for image and not much else. The tax savings don't hurt, either. But not all charitable connections are about... More >>

  • This Week in Music Videos: HPMA Nominee DeAndre Wright; Sydnee-Jane

    published Nov 10, 2011

    One is wearing face paint; the other is rocking a bright-red lipstick and a big smile. One is surrounded by people in ball masks; the other is standing on the world's skinniest red carpet. Sydnee-Jane... More >>

  • Is Spotify Ripping off Artists?

    published Nov 04, 2011

    Spotify made one hell of an entrance in July. Swedish-founded and U.K.-headquartered, Spotify arrived the States three months ago to adoring fans. Like a new bride, glowing in the light, flashing that... More >>

  • 10 Rappers As Movie Villains

    published Oct 31, 2011

    Cunning criminals, violent geniuses, charismatic characters. Villains give us chills and keep us on the edge of our seats. With more rappers now dabbling in acting, we decided to cast some of your fav... More >>

  • What Google Music Means To The Music Industry

    published Oct 26, 2011

    Google is finally launching its own music service. Google Music is a full-scale music service/store designed to compete with Amazon and Apple. Android boss Andy Rubin says they're very close to launch... More >>

  • Do Hit Singles Still Help Sell An Album?

    Do Hit Singles Still Help Sell An Album?

    published Oct 20, 2011

    ‚ÄčThe music industry has been reeling from a host of ailments, none more severe than crippling record sales. Fortunately, 2011 has been a strong year so far, with CD sales on the rise. Spearheaded b... More >>

  • Professor Bun B Visits The OccupyHouston Protesters: There's Strength In Numbers

    Professor Bun B Visits The OccupyHouston Protesters: "There's Strength In Numbers"

    published Oct 12, 2011

    If Occupy Wall Street was a song, it's sounding like a global hit right now. The movement continues to proliferate, with factions popping up in over 70 cities, including Boston, Chicago, and London. H... More >>

  • 5 Ways Apple Revolutionized the Music Industry

    5 Ways Apple Revolutionized the Music Industry

    published Oct 06, 2011

    No other company has changed the music industry as much as Apple. For the better part of the last decade, the late Steve Jobs and his co-conspirators have empowered music consumers in ways no one woul... More >>

  • Top Five Movies That Influenced Hip-Hop Culture

    Top Five Movies That Influenced Hip-Hop Culture

    published Oct 04, 2011

    Rappers love to imagine their lives as movies. They see bits of their lives on the big screen and turn to those cinematic treasures to help them make sense of their immediate environment: "If Tony Mon... More >>

  • Sex, Money & Other Ways To Guarantee Urban Radio Airplay

    Sex, Money & Other Ways To Guarantee Urban Radio Airplay

    published Sep 28, 2011

    A cursory glance at the year-to-date urban radio chart reaffirms an age-old music industry adage: Sex sells. You can see the Top 10 at the bottom of this post, but first let's talk about a few of the ... More >>

  • Is Commercial Radio Fading Into Oblivion?

    published Sep 20, 2011

    How many times has this happened to you: You're driving home from work. A song comes on. Drums. Guitar strums. A wimpy voice: "Say, oh, got this feeling that you can't fight..." You've heard this same... More >>

  • Last Night: Lil Wayne & Friends At The Woodlands

    Last Night: Lil Wayne & Friends At The Woodlands

    published Sep 12, 2011

    Lil Wayne, Rick Ross (feat. Bun B, Trae & Ace Hood), Keri Hilson Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion September 11, 2001 "Three things I want you to know about myself," Lil Wayne told the Woodlands Pavill... More >>

  • Last Night: Black Star At House Of Blues

    Last Night: Black Star At House Of Blues

    published Sep 09, 2011

    Black Star feat. Mos Def & Talib Kweli House of Blues September 8, 2011 Mos Def knows how to make an exit. With the lights dimmed and the curtains dancing toward the middle, Mos Def stayed on stage a... More >>

  • What's The Leading Cause Of Poor Record Sales?

    published Sep 09, 2011

    Last week, the music world laughed up a hiccup as Lil Wayne pranced around the VMA stage in nut-suffocating, Le Tigre-inspired jeggings. While that performance affirmed that Wayne is no fashion guru, ... More >>

  • Facebook Music Coming To A Computer Near You

    published Sep 01, 2011

    No one's willing to confirm anything, but all indications point to the same scoop: Facebook is planning to launch a new music service this fall. Here's what we know so far. CNBC's John Fortt broke th... More >>

  • Eminem's $3 Million Shows & Other Eye-Popping Performance Fees

    published Aug 24, 2011

    Every day, Rocks Off is reminded that we should have taken rapping a bit more seriously in our younger days. Today's friendly reminder comes in the way of a report saying that Eminem cashed a $3 milli... More >>

  • Last Night: Dead Prez At Fitzgerald's

    Last Night: Dead Prez At Fitzgerald's

    published Aug 19, 2011

    Dead Prez Fitzgerald's August 18, 2011 M-1 and of dead prez are not your typical activists. Their message--fight the establishment, eat broccoli, and copulate mentally - isn't exactly easy f... More >>

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