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  • Melissa Etheridge

    published May 13, 2004

    It's best to peel off the celebrity skin when considering Melissa Etheridge. Sure, she became tabloid fodder when former lover Julie Cypher bore... More >>

  • Glen Campbell

    published April 29, 2004

    Though the city's name is also the title one of his signature hits, Glen Campbell hasn't played Galveston since he was a budding 16-year-old... More >>

  • Marshall Crenshaw

    published April 22, 2004

    In the midst of the punk and new wave explosion about 25 years ago, Marshall Crenshaw was the great pop hope. Though he never quite attained... More >>

  • Mary Gauthier

    published April 15, 2004

    Long before folk became mood music for the NPR crowd, it was the genre of choice for many a hard-edged musician, including south Louisiana native... More >>

  • Higher Ground

    published April 8, 2004

    Brothers and sisters, let's talk about the Lord -- yes, that capital L dude. Like many of us, perhaps your faith in the higher power(s) is... More >>

  • Eliza Gilkyson

    published April 8, 2004

    It should come as no surprise that Eliza Gilkyson has become an elder stateswoman of Southwestern folk as well as a paragon of quality in a field... More >>

  • Rod Stewart

    published April 8, 2004

    Today, it's hard to believe that Rod Stewart was once the epitome of rock-and-roll cool and street-level cred. But some 30 years ago, his first... More >>

  • Strings Attached

    published March 11, 2004

    Rufus Wainwright is a bit different from most of his pop star peers. While their ambitions seem to be more and greater fame, multimillion sales,... More >>

  • Doug Sahm

    published March 4, 2004

    Remember that line about always wearing clean underwear in case you get hit by a car? Well, that old saw also applies to unfinished and unreleased... More >>

  • The Bottle Rockets and Lucinda Williams

    published February 26, 2004

    Lucinda Williams appears Saturday, February 28, at the Verizon Wireless Theater, 520 Texas. The Bottle Rockets open. For information, call... More >>

  • Missouri Whirlwinds

    published February 12, 2004

    Make no mistake about it: Stevie Newman, guitarist and singer for the Domino Kings, is as country as a stick. Now, we're not talking about what... More >>

  • Fear, and the Toasters

    published January 29, 2004

    Fear and the Toasters appear Friday, January 30, at Fitzgerald's, 2706 White Oak Drive, 713-862-3838. More >>

  • Eric Bibb, with Ruthie Foster and Cyd Cassone

    published January 29, 2004

    Eric Bibb is a singer. No, not a singer in the corrupted sense fostered by American Idol, full of warbling melisma and acrobatics... More >>

  • Trish Murphy

    published January 22, 2004

    Trish Murphy was a contender, likely still is. After all, she's got the goods: a vivid voice that runs from girlish glee to womanly growl,... More >>

  • Supagroup

    published January 22, 2004

    Supagroup. The name is cheeky and audacious -- do they really mean that? In this postmodern age, when one can easily wonder if any band can truly... More >>

  • My Morning Jacket

    published January 1, 2004

    A lemming pack of critics has been clambering over one another to praise this Kentucky neo-country/Southern rock quintet. Major music mags here... More >>

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