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  • The strange irony of Fox off-loading the new (yet long-completed) Mike Judge comedy without screenings, trailers, posters, or marketing is that in the IQ-obliterated future Judge's movie envisions, the biggest evil in the collective sanding of...

  • 20 years ago | Film Reviews

    The Van is being billed as "the final chapter in the Barrytown Trilogy," Irish author Roddy Doyle's group of novels set in a fictional north Dublin suburb that also consists of The Commitments and The Snapper. That "final chapter" label, courtesy ...

  • 20 years ago | Film Reviews

    Director Peter Greenaway's films are an acquired taste -- quasi-surrealist fare at its most annoying or resplendent, depending on who you're talking to. His tendency to cram art history references, bewildering factoids and visual flourishes into p...

  • 20 years ago | Film Reviews

    A film about no less than an entire century, Theo Angelopoulos's broodingly majestic Ulysses' Gaze, the Grand Jury Prize winner at Cannes two years ago, is an Odyssey for the 20th-century Balkans conflict. Harvey Keitel plays "A," a Greek-American...

  • 20 years ago | Film Reviews

    One of the biggest discussion topics among cinephiles -- courtesy of the recent Oscar season -- is whether Hollywood is petering out because it can't produce the kind of probing, intelligent films that independents crank out. The tragedy, supposed...

  • 21 years ago | Film Reviews

    Selena opens with a re-enactment of the Tejano singer's February 1995 concert at the Astrodome. Bedecked in a sparkling purple jumpsuit, the beloved Texas native (played by Jennifer Lopez) is shown singing a few disco nuggets from her childhood, i...


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