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  • 22 years ago

    At the beginning of the song "Expecting Brainchild," from Guided By Voices' 1993 LP Vampire on Titus, a woman's voice intones: "Bob, will you and Living Praise Choir lead us in 'To God Be the Glory?'" It's a silly gag, nothing more than a found re...

  • 23 years ago

    Motocaster is rock. Not grunge-rock, not alterna-rock, not surf-rock, math-rock, nor any of the other hyphenates occupying an increasing percentage of the bins at your local record shop. Just plain rock, in the way that everyone rocked once -- in ...

  • 23 years ago

    There was a time not so many years ago when you couldn't drive past a frat party in Raleigh, North Carolina, without hearing the Connells. Not on record, but in person, from the backyards on those shitty plywood frat-house stages where they were c...

  • 23 years ago

    Various Artists Kiss My Ass Mercury There was a time in my early youth, when split screens were not yet something we couldn't afford but just something that didn't exist, when a friend and I nearly came to blows over the choice of TV channels. He ...

  • 23 years ago

    So whaddaya do if the twin poles of your life are your band and your lover (who happens to be in your band), until one day you discover that your lover ain't your lover anymore? If you're like most people, an average wuss, you spread nasty rumors ...

  • 23 years ago

    Hole Live Through This DGC As the coverage of Kurt Cobain's death has so aptly proven, rock critics have never been embarrassed to chip away at the tenuous barriers that musicians erect between their art and their lives. It's a nasty habit, becaus...


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