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  • Watch Them Die

    published December 29, 2005

    Maybe I should've been able to tell from their name and the Orc-looking monster dude surrounded by skulls on the cover, but I'm sorry, the members... More >>

  • The Hanukkah Songs

    published December 22, 2005

    In an unfortunate confluence of the Hebrew and Christian calendars, Hanukkah begins at sundown on December 25, which means that we Jews will... More >>

  • Overlooked in '05

    published December 8, 2005

    Listening to every single thing that comes across my desk is by and large a painful if not soul-killing experience, but it does... More >>

  • Jada Rocks

    published December 1, 2005

    They're everywhere these days: Movie actors like Juliette Lewis, Jared Leto, Russell Crowe and even Jeff Goldblum all have one. No, we're not... More >>

  • Santana

    published December 1, 2005

    I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the Sony music group for its short-lived, ill-fated foray into digital copy protection.... More >>

  • A Beat of One's Own

    published November 17, 2005

    at . More >>

  • Hidden Treasures

    published November 17, 2005

    To make a record these days, all you need is Pro Tools, a CD burner and a pulse. And judging by some of the dead-in-the-water discs that cross our... More >>

  • Neil Diamond; Bobby Bare

    published November 17, 2005

    Ah, yes, the old reinvention album. Recent years have seen Dolly, Cash, Solomon Burke and Loretta Lynn utterly rebrand themselves, with or without... More >>

  • Man Man

    published November 17, 2005

    Based on 2004's The Man in a Blue Turban with a Face CD, it's hard to be sure if the insanity of Man Man is entirely organic, but the... More >>

  • The National

    published October 27, 2005

    Imagine this critic's alarm when, after submitting a not-all-that-flattering review of the National's recent Alligator CD but before said... More >>

  • Freakwater

    published October 20, 2005

    Catherine Ann Irwin and Janet Beveridge Bean have been at this Freakwater thing since about 1988, which is pretty impressive when you stop to... More >>

  • The Mae Shi

    published October 20, 2005

    On the recent Heartbeeps EP, screech-singer Ezra Buchla sounds a bit like the Arab on Radar guy approximating Craig "Hold Steady" Finn's... More >>

  • Oh No! I Left It in My Other Suit!

    published October 6, 2005

    Capitalismos, favorite boy child, we must apologise / Up in the rafters a rope is danglin' / Spots before the eyes of rock n' roll. -- The... More >>

  • Vagina Music Roundup

    published October 6, 2005

    If the kind reader will indulge Wack in a little cultural trend analysis: In the movie Walking and Talking (1996), Ann Heche's husband... More >>

  • Wolf Eyes, with Prurient and Rusted Shut

    published October 6, 2005

    Wolf Eyes is the closest that pure, antisocial noise gets to the mainstream. The fact that the notorious Detroit band's latest disc, Burned... More >>

  • Devendra Banhart and Hairy Fairy, with Bunny Brains

    published October 6, 2005

    So much indie buzz, so little time. "Freak-folk"/"beard-rock" flag-waver/standard-bearer and Houston homeboy (by birth, anyway) Devendra Banhart... More >>

  • Solitary Man

    published September 29, 2005

    "My dad was a doctor," says Randy Newman. "And one day when I was about 11, he came home from work and said, 'Jesus Christ, I had this patient... More >>

  • Hurricane Mixtape

    published September 29, 2005

    Well, unless we're very unlucky and Rita stalls out over us like Allison did, Houston's scariest hurricane in at least 20 years will have come and... More >>

  • Bellini, with Mono

    published September 29, 2005

    Formed several years ago by ex-Don Caballero drummer Don Che (who quit the band abruptly during a gig in Athens, Georgia, not long after), Bellini... More >>

  • Guitar-Shredding on the High Seas

    published September 22, 2005

    Built to Spill, the Decemberists, Sons and Daughters, and Mike Johnson appear Friday, September 23, at the Engine Room, 1515 Pease. For more... More >>

  • Riot Girl

    published September 15, 2005

    The truth is only known by guttersnipes. -- the Clash, "Garageland," 1977 London calling and speak the slang now. --... More >>

  • Lyle Lovett

    published September 15, 2005

    The most interesting thing about Houston's own Lyle Lovett is the way he's never quite what people assume he is. Even when people see past the... More >>

  • The Hold Steady

    published September 15, 2005

    What we've got here is a rock band fronted by a pudgy, bespectacled singer with a receding hairline. Therefore, according to the teachings of the... More >>

  • This Week's Day-by-Day Picks

    published September 8, 2005

    Thursday, September 8 Art mavens Aimee Jones, Amy Dugat and Mariana Saldaña are putting an artsy spin on what's essentially... More >>

  • The National

    published September 8, 2005

    In a rock scene overrun with emo and post-emo bands, maybe it was only a matter of time before stoic-core reared its head. Enter the National, a... More >>

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