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1999 Stories by Scott Kelton Jones

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  • Sappy Happy

    published October 7, 1999

    The triumvirate is complete. First Paris, Texas, then Dancer, Texas Pop. 81, and now Happy, Texas. German... More >>

  • Deep Shallow

    published August 26, 1999

    LL Cool J is God, at least to the characters of In Too Deep. He's crime lord Dwayne Gittens, otherwise known as "God" to his peeps on the... More >>

  • Mickey Mouse

    published August 19, 1999

    Lo and behold the plight of the American gangster. John Gotti, the Dapper Don, has been sent down the river. His big-time heavy, Sammy "The Bull"... More >>

  • Notting Off

    published May 27, 1999

    Maybe it's the damned blinking thing, because it's not simply the foppish hair and boyish face -- or, for that matter, even the vaguely befuddled... More >>

Archives: 1999