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  • Love Conflicts -- Nailing Neil

    published August 27, 1998

    Even in his grad-student days, playwright/filmmaker Neil LaBute got a charge out of stirring up audiences nearly to the point of physical... More >>

  • Deja Vu All Over Again

    published May 7, 1998

    Henry Jaglom's movies offer everything that Americans hate about French films, but with little of the philosophical depth or visual daring that... More >>

  • Love and Abstinence

    published April 16, 1998

    With I Love You, Don't Touch Me!, first-time filmmaker Julie Davis has made a low-budget movie about love and abstinence among under-30s that... More >>

  • Look Back in Anger

    published March 5, 1998

    British actor Gary Oldman, who made his mark playing a punk in Sid and Nancy and a playwright in Prick Up Your Ears, wrote and directed Nil by... More >>

  • After the Obsession

    published February 12, 1998

    His eye trained on the manic collision of Catholicism and consumerism, Pedro Almodovar has made some of the liveliest, most genre-bending films of... More >>

  • Geezer Love

    published February 12, 1998

    The Only Thrill, directed by Houston native Peter Masterson, is a conventional, sentimental movie that nonetheless hits where it aims. The film,... More >>

Archives: 1998 | 1997