Sean Pendergast

Sean Pendergast

Sean is a contributing freelance writer who covers Houston area sports daily in the News section, with periodic columns and features, as well. He also hosts afternoon drive on SportsRadio 610, as well as the post game show for the Houston Texans.

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  • 7 hours ago | Sports

    There is no more gambling friendly sport than American football. In fact, I have no statistics to back this up, but I believe that baseball has been replaced by gambling on football as our nation's pastime. So as NFL training camp kicks off, the s...

  • 1 day ago | Sports

    There's an old saying — organization and planning are the keys to finally improving on a 9-7 record. Actually, it's not old at all, I just made it up myself. However, it is true. Bill O'Brien and Rick Smith have some very clear things that are imp...

  • 2 days ago | Game Time

    Visit any of the websites that either forecast NFL season win totals or put out odds for people to wager on them, and they all have the Houston Texans forecasted to win around eight games this season. In the AFC South, history tells us that may ve...

  • 3 days ago | Bayou City

    The Houston Texans begin training camp in two days, and if the lead-up feels a little strange this season, it's probably for two good reasons. First, the Texans will be conducting about 95 percent of their training camp in the much cooler confines...

  • 6 days ago | Game Time

    Back in the summer of 1995, anytime there was an awkward pause or a need to strike up casual conversation with a stranger, we all had O.J. to talk about. It was the summer of the O.J. double murder trial, in which dozens and dozens of witnesses sp...

  • 7 days ago | Game Time

    With this being the calm before the training camp storm, the Houston Texans chose to announce that the greatest player in the history of the franchise (OK, he's in a virtual tie with J.J. Watt), Andre Johnson, would be locally immortalized with in...


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