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  • 6 hours ago | Game Time

    In my own personal, metaphorical bubble, perhaps the biggest indictment of this absolutely deplorable 2015-16 edition of the Houston Rockets came on Monday night, when their 116-105 loss to the Detroit Pistons was demoted to third string (much lik...

  • 1 day ago | Game Time

    So that was it. Thanksgiving weekend came and went, and despite a schedule dotted with potential foundation shaking games, when all was said and done, everything just slid right into place. Granted, it took until Stanford's last second field goal ...

  • 1 day ago | Game Time

    Mark it down. November 29. Week 12. I'll go ahead and say it — the Texans are officially a sneaky, sort-of-dangerous team. You have no idea how skittish I was about typing that sentence, like the mere pressing of the period button at the end ...

  • 4 days ago | Game Time

    After a weekend that starts with Thanksgiving Day football wall to wall, continues with a University of Houston home game on Friday, and hits a crescendo with a ton of meaningful college football on Saturday, Sunday is the perfect capper if you're...

  • 5 days ago | Game Time

    I don't know what to say. I'm embarrassed, I'm ashamed, and now I'm dirt poor thanks to my performance the last two weeks. Consecutive weeks of 1-5 on these best bets is absolutely pathetic,  so if I've made you poor with my picks, just know ...

  • 6 days ago | Game Time

    So you remember how last week the College Football Playoff Rankings were fairly stagnant at the top because everybody in the top four was taking care of their business and everybody from five on down was either getting upset or escaping by the ski...


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