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  • Commercial Potential

    published December 10, 1998

    Someone left the door open, and Butch, bassist Steve Wesson's pug, whose eyes look the size of half-dollars, is missing. He's cruising around... More >>

  • Once More With Feeling

    published November 26, 1998

    Lyle Lovett -- He's the favorite country musician for people who don't like country music and a Nashville iconoclast who consistently makes... More >>

  • Rotation

    published November 19, 1998

    Medeski, Martin and Wood Combustication Blue Note The keyboard, bass and drums trio of Medeski, Martin and Wood have been a... More >>

  • Rotation

    published November 12, 1998

    Alanis Morissette Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie Maverick/Reprise When all was said and done, Alanis Morissette's Jagged... More >>

  • Rotation

    published November 5, 1998

    DJ Spooky Riddim Warfare Outpost/Geffen Remember the episode of Friends where Ross thinks he can make it as a musician? ... More >>

  • Novel Experience

    published October 22, 1998

    Most of us crowded between sea and shining sea are from someplace else. If we didn't arrive here under our own steam, then it was our parents, or... More >>

  • In the Black

    published October 15, 1998

    Everyone wins at an all-day, live-music marathon like Fall Jam IV. The radio station (in this case, KLOL/101.1 FM) gets plenty of publicity, and... More >>

  • Medical Marvel

    published August 27, 1998

    Maybe it should come as no surprise, in light of the dual careers of Anton Chekhov and William Carlos Williams, that the often illegible... More >>

  • Cozy Church of Cinema

    published August 6, 1998

    It's not -- entirely -- the redundant, simplistic and insanely loud films themselves that make going to the movies such a mind-numbing experience;... More >>

  • Maggie's New Muse

    published July 9, 1998

    It's been a long seven weeks for SixMileBridge, touring the Midwest and the East Coast to promote their debut CD, Across the Water. They've... More >>

  • 1998 Houston Press Music Awards Winners

    published June 25, 1998

    Submitted for your approval: 100-degree heat, ten venues, 55 bands and a handful of nightclub managers who responded to the record temperatures... More >>

  • 1998 Houston Press Music Awards Nominees

    published June 11, 1998

    Aftershock Nomination: Best Metal/Hard Rock; Best Rap/Hip-Hop Sound: Metal, rap Time logged: Two years Etc.:... More >>

  • Rotation

    published February 19, 1998

    Goldie Saturnz Return London/FFRR Imagine you're at a rave. All the components are there: the guys wearing fluorescent colors... More >>

  • Into the Folds

    published February 12, 1998

    In the Barry Levinson film Diner, one of the characters insists that his fiancee pass a quiz on pro football before he'll marry her. If your thing... More >>

  • Exceptional Bass

    published January 29, 1998

    Quick, count the number of bassists you know who have led memorable jazz bands; if you have to use more than one hand to keep track, you're ahead... More >>

  • Uncommon Cause

    published January 22, 1998

    At times, Consolidated seem less like a band than a cause-waving freak show. The quasi-militant San Francisco Bay-area trio is, quite literally,... More >>

  • Tupelo's Curse

    published January 15, 1998

    Anyone who follows popular music knows that success is often a matter of timing. Yesterday's cool, after all, is today's Wang Chung. It... More >>

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