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1994 Stories by Steve McVicker

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  • Shooting In the New Year

    published December 29, 1994

    Three years ago on New Year's Eve, Danny and Joann Harries threw a small party at their home near the intersection of Montrose and West Gray.... More >>

  • She's No Pimp

    published December 15, 1994

    During her four years as a concierge at Houston's Ritz-Carlton, Kareen Eichmann was accustomed to receiving -- and was skilled at fulfilling --... More >>

  • Harsh Sentences

    published December 8, 1994

    Considering that state District Judge Mary Bacon deals with scores of hardened criminals who pass through her court on the way to prison each... More >>

  • The Extended Courtship of Phrogge Simons

    published November 17, 1994

    Despite the humid morning air, Phrogge Simons looks surprisingly fresh in her olive-colored corduroy dress, especially for someone who's been on a... More >>

  • No Mercy

    published November 10, 1994

    Rebecca Wardlow met her future husband when she was a 16-year-old girl whose world was limited to the boundaries of her hometown of Lufkin in the... More >>

  • A Bad Place to Be Tried

    published October 27, 1994

    Obscured by the headlines of floods and fires last week was the conclusion of the murder trial of 17-year-old Stanley Nicholas, who was accused of... More >>

  • No Choice

    published October 20, 1994

    Around midnight on June 4, Tanya Sanders and her best friend were out two-stepping at a country-and-western nightclub in Baytown. Their night on... More >>

  • Diamond in the Rough

    published September 1, 1994

    On a hot, muggy night in Beaumont, with the insects in full bloom and a view over the outfield fence of traffic tooling along Highway 69, the... More >>

  • Sam Nuchia in Black and White

    published August 18, 1994

    The scene inside the radio studio overlooking Greenway Plaza has all the makings of a High Noon showdown. Behind the microphone sits Jew... More >>

  • Taking a Bite Out of...

    published August 11, 1994

    In cultivating a reputation as a hard-nosed jurist and dedicated anti-crime crusader, State District Judge Mike McSpadden won his 15 minutes of... More >>

  • A Gay Old Time at Fuzzy's

    published August 4, 1994

    Rick Hurt would have been the envy of many a New Orleans belle. Wearing a blond wig, red dress with black polka dots, black pumps and a black,... More >>

  • Rudy T's Spin Move

    published August 4, 1994

    If videotapes can reveal whether or not a person is intoxicated, then Rudy Tomjanovich may well have been as sober as a Baptist minister on Sunday... More >>

  • Rudy T Drives the Lane

    published July 28, 1994

    Last week, the videotape Clutch City, highlighting the Houston Rockets' drive to the NBA throne, went on sale. Overshadowing its release, however,... More >>

  • Roads to Nowhere?

    published July 21, 1994

    As a child growing up in Dallas, Bob Cook used to ride his bicycle a mile and a half to school every weekday. While that may not rate up there... More >>

  • Battle of the Bonds

    published July 7, 1994

    On a Sunday afternoon this past May, 34-year-old Elizabeth Peavy drove to a convenience store on Bissonnet in southwest Houston. After purchasing... More >>

  • Panic in Memorial Park

    published May 19, 1994

    Mountain bike enthusiast Jason Horan steered his small pickup truck, with his bicycle in the bed, into the parking lot of the southern half of... More >>

  • The Crip Patrol Rolls

    published May 12, 1994

    When United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Houston honored restaurateur Ninfa Lorenzo with a dinner at the downtown Hyatt Regency last month, the... More >>

  • A Bad Place to Die

    published May 5, 1994

    Saturday, July 24 of last year was typically hot and humid. It was around noon -- not quite the warmest part of the day -- when three teenage boys... More >>

  • Fast-Track Diversion

    published April 14, 1994

    Last week I put somebody in a program that doesn't exist yet," joked state district Judge Mike Wilkenson in mid-March. At the time, Wilkenson and... More >>

  • Crime & Punishment

    published March 24, 1994

    Sitting inside a five-by-five cage in the visiting area of Texas' death row, convicted killer Anthony Ray Westley looks calm, even pleasant. But... More >>

  • Who's Guarding the Guardians?

    published March 10, 1994

    Apparently, the Houston Police Department can never find a cop when it needs one. At a roll call last month, HPD officers were told the... More >>

  • Giving the Big No to Nuchia

    published March 3, 1994

    February did not end on a happy note for Houston Police Chief Sam Nuchia. Nuchia has been struggling to come up with a promotions policy that... More >>

  • The Last Word

    published February 17, 1994

    Last week's decision by state District Judge Bill Harmon to allow a murdered child's father to verbally lash out at his daughter's killer after he... More >>

  • Defending the Indefensible

    published February 10, 1994

    Behind the wood-paneled courtrooms of judges Ted Poe and Joe Kegans, like most other Harris County felony courtrooms, is a dark, nasty place... More >>

  • HPD Blues

    published January 27, 1994

    When Sam Nuchia returned to the Houston Police Department as chief shortly after Bob Lanier was sworn in as mayor in 1992, most HPD officers... More >>

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