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1995 Stories by Steve McVicker

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  • Making a Killing

    published December 28, 1995

    After two-year-old Renee Goode died while attending a slumber party at her father's Brazoria County home in January 1994, investigators were at a... More >>

  • The Trouble with Larry

    published August 24, 1995

    Larry Don McQuay is trying to remember how many children he's molested in his 31 years. He doesn't have a precise count, but as best he can... More >>

  • Justice Delayed

    published August 3, 1995

    Alfonso Orosco Jr. agonized for more than 30 years while waiting to learn if authorities would catch up with the man who shot his father to death... More >>

  • Bonds Away

    published May 25, 1995

    Maybe John Burns is just a bad judge of character. For years, Burns worked as an independent bail bondsman, but it seems too many of his customers... More >>

  • No Way Home

    published May 18, 1995

    Sheree Ford was on her way to pick up her three-year-old son one Sunday evening last July when she had an encounter with neighborhood-oriented... More >>

  • A Whiter Shade of Blue

    published May 4, 1995

    If you need a measure of the backlash against affirmative action by put-upon white men, a good place to look would be the Houston Police... More >>

  • Have Your Money Ready

    published April 20, 1995

    In the 24 years since its inception, the Houston International Festival has grown from a cozy, two-block-long arts and crafts show to a... More >>

  • Down on Peckerwood Hill

    published April 6, 1995

    At times it must seem that way, but not every convict released from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice comes to Houston. Some take up... More >>

  • Last Strike?

    published April 6, 1995

    According to the March 3 edition of Space News Roundup, the official house organ of the Johnson Space Center, all of the cases arising from the... More >>

  • All the Law Enforcement You Can Afford

    published March 30, 1995

    The streets are smoothly paved and lined by large, one and two-story brick homes. The lawns out front are perfectly tended, and many of the houses... More >>

  • Struck Twice

    published March 9, 1995

    David Proctor, the NASA engineer enticed into committing crimes by an agent of the government for which he worked, is going to prison. ... More >>

  • Shhhhhh!

    published March 2, 1995

    How can it be revealed: "It is imperative that an applicant's weight be in proportion to his/her height." That's the first sentence in the... More >>

  • Hear No Evil

    published February 16, 1995

    Glenda Joe was acting out of sheer frustration when she took her complaint about City Councilwoman Martha Wong before Wong and her Council... More >>

  • Blasters Redux

    published February 9, 1995

    In the early '80s there was no hotter live band than the Blasters. Led by brothers Phil and Dave Alvin, the group performed some of the most... More >>

  • Female Troubles

    published February 2, 1995

    Boys will be boys, especially boys with time on their hands. So it was that a dozen or so male board members of the State Bar of Texas... More >>

  • Nuchia Speak

    published February 2, 1995

    When it comes to crime statistics, there's good news and bad news -- depending on which part of town you live in. But Police Chief Sam... More >>

  • Killer Behind the Badge

    published January 12, 1995

    It was just after midnight on August 25, 1992, and Susan White's worst fear was on the verge of coming true. With the shrill and panicked... More >>

  • The Case of the Missing Case

    published January 5, 1995

    Editor's Note [January 28, 2015]: Alexander Nizhniy says his country of origin was misidentified in this article and that he was Ukrainian,... More >>

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