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1998 Stories by Steve McVicker

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  • False Sense of Security

    published December 31, 1998

    As Friday night gave in to Saturday morning, Jennifer Morey was putting up one hell of a fight. "Please help me, I'm bleeding so much,"... More >>

  • Daddy's Money

    published December 3, 1998

    By most appearances, when 90-year-old oil magnate Howard Marshall II passed away three years ago, he died a happy man. Marshall, a... More >>

  • A Killer By Any Other Name

    published November 19, 1998

    Walter Waldhauser Jr., the middleman in one of Houston's most infamous greed-driven murder-for-hire plots, and who is apparently still attempting... More >>

  • Making a Killing

    published October 22, 1998

    In Dallas's high-rent West End, on the fourth floor of the marble-halled Paramount Building, Michael Lee Davis was fumbling through a stack of... More >>

  • Breaking the Blue Code of Silence

    published October 8, 1998

    The chauffeur-driven black Ford Expedition glides north on the Hardy Toll Road, against the grain of Monday-morning rush-hour traffic. Inside, the... More >>

  • An Open But Shut Case

    published July 30, 1998

    It was cold that Sunday, the day after Christmas 1993; too cold for the two volunteer firemen to wade into the small pond in a secluded part of... More >>

  • Capital Irony

    published June 25, 1998

    For much of the past year, attorney Barry Abrams didn't laugh much. But last week, he read in the Houston Chronicle of Governor George W. Bush's... More >>

  • The Special Needs of Frank Gonzales Jr.

    published June 11, 1998

    Frank Gonzales Jr. is someone that Governor George W. Bush would prefer that you didn't know about. Because if members of the governor's parole... More >>

  • The Reformist School

    published June 4, 1998

    In the grand tradition of confined artists such as John Wayne Gacey and Elmer Wayne Henley, the Art League of Houston presents "The Prison Show:... More >>

  • The Further Adventures of King Con

    published May 14, 1998

    "This was a masterpiece, wasn't it?" laughs Steven Russell, phoning from a Florida jail. He is referring to his latest escape. A... More >>

  • Keeping the King Quiet

    published May 14, 1998

    When Steven Russell bid a sly farewell to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, his departure embarrassed state prison officials -- apparently... More >>

  • Tales From the IRS

    published April 16, 1998

    The Whistle Blower If there was anyone who respected the Internal Revenue Service, it was Jennifer Long. She was born and raised in... More >>

  • Rocket Men

    published April 9, 1998

    The way Harry Dace figures it, NASA engineer Jim Akkerman is the best mechanic in the world. For Dace's sake -- and for the sake of Dace's... More >>

  • To Die For

    published March 26, 1998

    The city of Houston wants to build a monument to victims of violent crime -- and mass murderer Elmer Wayne Henley wants to help pay for it with... More >>

  • Take the Cash and Talk That Trash

    published March 19, 1998

    Welcome to the smoky rooms and overheated corridors of Hotel Six, where the closed-circuit television picks up excellent deception, the air... More >>

  • Looking for Laura

    published March 12, 1998

    At first, the news spread by word of mouth: 12-year-old Laura Smither had failed to return home from her early morning jog. Hours after her... More >>

  • Dissecting Dr. Carter

    published March 5, 1998

    When Dr. Joye Carter took over as the chief medical examiner of Harris County 19 months ago, she knew she was inheriting an office in crisis.... More >>

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