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  • "Fuck ball," coach Louis Adams tells his team at the start of Dustin Nakao Haider's powerful documentary Shot in the Dark. "We're not talking about basketball." Rightly so: One of his teen players has just been shot at a party days before...

  • There are plenty of odd jobs in Hollywood, and with the comedy The Clapper, Dito Montiel tries to give some humanity to the hordes of paid, in-studio audiences who smile and applaud their way through infomercials.

    Eddie Krumble (Ed...

  • Damon Cardasis's excellent feature debut Saturday Church is a sensitive look at a young man's exploration of his identity and sexuality. Ulysses is a black, genderqueer 14-year-old whose father recently died. His loving-but-overworked...

  • There often comes a point when creatives must reconcile dreams with reality: Have things fallen into place? Or is the road to self-actualization still littered with obstacles? In Dim the Fluorescents, playwright Lillian (Naomi Skwarna) and...

  • In Amy Glazer's coming-of-age mystery Kepler's Dream, a precocious girl tries to make sense of her splintering family. Eleven-year-old Ella (Isabella Blake-Thomas) has a lot on her shoulders: Mom's in chemotherapy, dad's mostly out of the...

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