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  • Presidential Kids' Charity

    published March 25, 1999

    Governor George W. Bush may be the offspring of a former president, but that doesn't qualify him to raise money for his own presidential bid out... More >>

  • Enron's Earth (Day) Quakes

    published March 18, 1999

    Fortune magazine may have voted Houston-based Enron the most innovative company four years running, but the natural-gas giant has an old-fashioned... More >>

  • Wong's War on a Reggae Club

    published March 18, 1999

    City Councilwoman Martha Wong put on an unusual show-and-tell session in her City Hall office two weeks ago, but the subjects of the show weren't... More >>

  • Fed-up Feds

    published March 11, 1999

    Federal prosecutors, armed with the law and an intimidating investigatory arsenal, would hardly seem in need of public sympathy or job protection.... More >>

  • Educational Savior Seeks New Sinner

    published March 11, 1999

    It took Houston school district trustee and educational consultant Don McAdams less than six weeks to decide that he and Texas Southern University... More >>

  • Has Robert Eckels Lost His Mind?

    published March 4, 1999

    In sentencing Ben Reyes and Betti Maldonado last week for their roles in bribing city officials during an FBI sting operation, a stern-faced Judge... More >>

  • The Devil, You Say?

    published February 25, 1999

    The government's novel prosecution against five Spring Shadows Glen psychiatric hospital workers wasn't going well as it entered its sixth month... More >>

  • Councilman Cad?

    published February 18, 1999

    In his first trial on federal bribery-conspiracy charges last year that ended in a hung jury, Houston City Councilman Michael Yarbrough called... More >>

  • Kingwood Legal Follies

    published February 11, 1999

    Mayor Lee P. Brown has been careful in his freshman year to couch his policies in a "Be Like Bob" mode. After capitalizing on his predecessor's... More >>

  • Walter Mitty in Robes?

    published February 11, 1999

    Associates say 14th Court of Appeals Chief Justice Paul Clarence Murphy III is, in person, about as courteous and accommodating an Irish gentleman... More >>

  • The Wooden Indian Ticket?

    published February 4, 1999

    Okay. Now that the initial jeering from the skeptics' gallery at our imaginary campaign button is tapering off, seriously contemplate the very... More >>

  • Hammerin' Helen and Mister Mild

    published January 28, 1999

    For the past year, freshman Councilman Bruce Tatro has been telling associates an anecdote to illustrate the ways his predecessor, the outspoken... More >>

  • Lost in theYarbrough Triangle: $10,000

    published January 28, 1999

    City Councilman Michael Yarbrough may be awaiting trial on bribery and conspiracy charges in the FBI City Hall Sting, but it hasn't stopped him... More >>

  • Betti's Blue Notes

    published January 21, 1999

    City Hall Sting convict Betti Maldonado just can't win for losing lately. When a friend sings for her, he gets in trouble. When a friend refuses... More >>

  • Model-Netics Hooks City Hall

    published January 21, 1999

    When Houston City Council voted a half million dollars for management training for department executives last month, members didn't realize some... More >>

  • State Board of Touchy-feely?

    published January 14, 1999

    Reiki, an Asian touch therapy that traces its origins to Buddhist monasteries in ancient Tibet, is supposed to channel divine love rays to heal... More >>

  • Up To Date on '98

    published January 7, 1999

    In real life, stories don't end with "happily ever after." They roll forward with no regard for narrative neatness: The prince becomes king; he... More >>

  • Which Bug Gets the Gas?

    published January 7, 1999

    In 1988, a little-known Texas congressman gathered a crowd of reporters in the lobby of a downtown New Orleans hotel housing several state... More >>

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