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  • Pain and Progress

    published December 28, 2000

    An investigator from the district attorney's office called Tracey Deel's father in October. He said that four guys had thrown a blanket over Kevin... More >>

  • Prisoners of Love

    published December 28, 2000

    Lynette Barnett is back in prison. But instead of being a guard, now she's an inmate. Working at Crossroads Correctional Institute in Cameron,... More >>

  • On the Rocks

    published December 21, 2000

    Frosty the Snowman was a jolly, happy soul. Until a mean little guy locked him in the greenhouse and he melted into mush. There was nothing left... More >>

  • The Big Score

    published December 14, 2000

    The sidewalk was too rough, so Steve Biegel pushed his daughter's stroller in the street. It was the Sunday before Halloween; Steve and his wife,... More >>

  • Strangers in the Night

    published November 23, 2000

    "Baby Got Back" blared from the speakers at the Hard Rock Café last Thursday night. A line of people who spent way too much time on their... More >>

  • Altar Ego

    published November 16, 2000

    Azita Bayat and David Sims spent one Saturday afternoon in September staring at diamonds. They scoured the Galleria looking in the windows of... More >>

  • She Doth Protest Too Much?

    published November 9, 2000

    It was the last day of school in May, and third-grade teacher Gloria Rubac just wanted to go home, drink a margarita and crash. But Gary Graham... More >>

  • Death of a Family

    published October 19, 2000

    The commode didn't work, so Lee Brewer moved in with her twin sister while her husband finished remodeling the bathroom. After he installed a new... More >>

  • Learning Curve

    published October 5, 2000

    Kids caught the last of the summer sun while teachers returned to school. The two weeks before students swarm in and school starts is usually a... More >>

  • No Sissies Allowed

    published September 28, 2000

    His long-sleeved black jersey is soaked in sweat as Haywood Jeffires stands on the Pearland Patriots' football field. Retired four years now, he... More >>

  • Live Free and Die

    published August 31, 2000

    The Rockets were creaming the Denver Nuggets. At halftime Dave Pickrell walked into the hall and lit up a cigarette; five men joined him. It was... More >>

  • Left For Dead

    published August 3, 2000

    It was Saturday night, and 17-year-old Kevin Rivas and his best friend, Robert Hidalgo, were cruising southeast Houston. It was the weekend after... More >>

  • Andy, Opie and the Almighty

    published August 3, 2000

    A sign saying "Lemonade 5 cents" hangs over the door. An American flag is on the far wall, and a drab Persian rug lies on the floor. The right... More >>

  • Midnight Fire

    published July 13, 2000

    Garrett Samples read all three Harry Potter books in one night. And on last Friday evening, the 13-year-old gets primed to pull another... More >>

  • Riding to Win

    published June 22, 2000

    A sudden rainstorm washed away the trail. The ribbons marking the path were pounded into the ground as Darolyn Butler-Dial rode out of the woods... More >>

  • Keeping the Faith

    published June 8, 2000

    Every Sunday morning Frank Minton saves people. He immerses sinners in holy water and helps them take Jesus into their hearts. But of the hundreds... More >>

  • Skirting the Issues

    published May 18, 2000

    Amy Knight didn't want to wear satin or sequins to her Northbrook High senior prom. She wanted to step back into Scottish history and create a... More >>

  • May Day

    published May 11, 2000

    It was a typical Sunday-morning service at the Unitarian Universalist church on Wirt Road. Six people stood up and shared their joys and concerns ... More >>

  • Bullets After Brunch

    published May 4, 2000

    The headlights flashing in Marc Kajs's rearview mirror were familiar. The light blue Honda Prelude had been following him for 20 miles that day.... More >>

  • Making (Up) the Grade

    published April 6, 2000

    Two educational gurus visited Houston last spring to evaluate HISD's privately contracted alternative schools, operated by Community Education... More >>

  • Traditional and Trite

    published March 30, 2000

    Screw the traditional peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Popcorn's the scent pumped into the streets surrounding Enron Field. (We think this pollution is... More >>

  • Run to Ground

    published March 9, 2000

    Lynette Barnett swiped her ID card at the security gate. Then she swiped it again for the man four feet behind her.... More >>

  • Lights Out

    published March 2, 2000

    Sipping a glass of cabernet, Donald Burger sits on the back porch of his Queen Anne-styled house in the Heights. On hot summer nights the personal... More >>

  • Drowning on Dry Land

    published February 3, 2000

    Alex coughed all night. It wasn't a loud cough, but a dry, consistent one coming every few minutes. Darleen Scope knows that cough; she knows it... More >>

  • Real Life

    published January 13, 2000

    My brother Joel said I was crazy. Booking a flight New Year's Day was, to him, yet another piece of evidence to prove I was switched at birth.... More >>

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