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  • The Breakfast Club

    published December 11, 2003

    A Lincoln Continental stops beside a live oak tree on Galveston's 14th Street. A pimp stands by and then leans into the window, cuts a deal, and a... More >>

  • Tee Time

    published November 13, 2003

    Justin Pineset has been class president at Lee High School two years in a row. The senior shadowed the mayor twice and has monthly meetings with... More >>

  • Catching Elevators

    published October 9, 2003

    Elevator number 14 on the second floor of Christus St. Joseph Hospital's George W. Strake building was closed for four days. Since the elevator... More >>

  • Thirty Seconds Too Late

    published October 9, 2003

    It was the last day of the Smiths' family vacation in Bethel, Maine, two years ago. They planned to go downstairs, have breakfast, check out of... More >>

  • Looking for Higher Ground

    published October 9, 2003

    Kristie Lee Tautenhahn, 42, worked as a proofreader at a downtown Houston law firm. Her normal shift at Mayer, Brown & Platt was from 5... More >>

  • No-Fault Elevators

    published October 9, 2003

    Tameka Ellis was a 24-year-old pharmacy technician delivering medication at Texas Children's Hospital on April 8, 2001. As she wheeled her cart... More >>

  • Chop Talk

    published September 4, 2003

    Last winter, bulldozers chopped down 41 trees at Memorial Park. Most people didn't have any idea why. City councilmembers didn't recall approving... More >>

  • Quilt and Innocence

    published July 31, 2003

    Robert Reyna used to drink warm beer seven days a week. He says he kept two cans of Budweiser in his pockets to heat them up and one in each hand.... More >>

  • Holy Father

    published July 24, 2003

    The pope isn't Catholic. John Paul II, the man most people believe to be pope, is really an imposter. He's deliberately plotting to destroy the... More >>

  • Kitty Litter

    published July 3, 2003

    Toyya Braskey took two tranquilizers her first night dancing topless at Heartbreakers. She doesn't remember being there, she says, but she made... More >>

  • Catfight

    published June 19, 2003

    Every evening after dark, Dorothy Rhoden dropped ten pounds of Purina Cat Chow by the Dumpster at Green Meadow Apartments in Texas City. Dorothy's... More >>

  • Screwed!

    published June 5, 2003

    On an early August afternoon last fall, Robert Casey, a sergeant with the Harris County Constable's Office, was summoned into Constable Perry... More >>

  • Ridley's Recruits

    published June 5, 2003

    Forget the piña coladas, and making love in the rain. But for those who lust for long summer walks on the beach -- and staring at the sand... More >>

  • Goal Tending

    published May 8, 2003

    A portable basketball goal has been in banker Delbert Simpers front yard for 14 years. His 14-year-old son plays basketball for Quail Valley... More >>

  • Merger Misdeeds?

    published May 1, 2003

    Nancy Esselman didn't trust her husband of 14 years. They had reached the end game of an ugly, two-year divorce. After she filed for divorce, he... More >>

  • Dead Wrong

    published April 10, 2003

    Red flowers bloomed on Rick Rojas's father's grave at Hollywood Cemetery -- but he didn't know who had planted them. His father, Brigido Rojas, is... More >>

  • The Dogs of War

    published March 20, 2003

    During a routine inspection of the woods near a base in Bavaria, Army Staff Sergeant Dwayne Armour was collecting trash. He noticed a box, opened... More >>

  • A Killer Nanny

    published March 6, 2003

    Charlotte Foster tutors four boys, is active in the Junior League and is a board member of the Children's Museum of Houston, where she conducts... More >>

  • PISD Plans to Quit CEP

    published February 27, 2003

    After spending five years and $5 million for a private company to educate troubled kids, Pasadena Independent School District plans to call it... More >>

  • Young Guns

    published February 6, 2003

    Dolores Paige told the Marine Corps recruiter he could enlist all the students at Willowridge High School -- except her son. "I told him, 'You... More >>

  • Coming Down

    published February 6, 2003

    At six o'clock on a clear Saturday morning, Mike Grant went to NASA's Johnson Space Center to join Mission Control in the final welcome back for... More >>

  • Stone Deaf

    published February 6, 2003

    For the last three months Wendy Robbins told everyone she knew that she was going to see the Rolling Stones. The 52-year-old artist and part-time... More >>

  • Coming Down

    published January 30, 2003

    At six o'clock on a clear Saturday morning, Mike Grant went to NASA's Johnson Space Center to join Mission Control in the final welcome back for... More >>

  • Roller Derby

    published January 16, 2003

    At 4:45 a.m. Alan Bailey gets into his wheelchair, rolls down the hall to the kitchen and drinks a glass of water. Two inches above his nipples is... More >>

  • Mac Attack

    published January 16, 2003

    Marcus Long nearly died three times last year. After a routine procedure on his bladder, doctors diagnosed the 61-year-old with cancer of the... More >>

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