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  • Snit's Dog and Pony Show

    published April 6, 2006

    They've been playing around town a few years now, and Snit's Dog and Pony Show make no bones about it -- originality is overrated. They seem to... More >>

  • The Blasters

    published March 30, 2006

    The last time I saw Phil Alvin was eight or nine years ago. He was sitting on the curb beside his grime-covered tour van in the alley behind the... More >>

  • Fred Eaglesmith

    published March 16, 2006

    Mary Gauthier is one of the hottest commodities in Americana right now. She did only two covers on her wildly successful breakthrough album... More >>

  • Randy Weeks, with Tony Gilkyson and Mike Stinson

    published March 16, 2006

    Okay, so it's Sunday night and you're thinking Screw it, I'm just gonna eat some leftovers, watch some tube, hit the sack. Big day tomorrow.... More >>

  • Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, with Duke Spirit

    published March 16, 2006

    Ted Leo and the Pharmacists will never make it in pop music. They have no fear of searing guitar solos, odd breaks and meters, bass leads or, come... More >>

  • Tommy Castro

    published March 16, 2006

    Tommy Castro is one of the good guys, an artist who refuses to let his blues become a cliché or an antique. On Soul Shaker, Castro finds t... More >>

  • Shawn Camp

    published March 16, 2006

    Nothing I knew about Shawn Camp prepared me for the amped-up twanging hillbilly rock that came blaring out of my speakers when I punched "play" on... More >>

  • Buddy Mondlock

    published March 9, 2006

    Songwriter Buddy Mondlock has worked with everybody from Garth Brooks to Nanci Griffith to Peter, Paul and Mary to Art Garfunkel to Janis Ian. He... More >>

  • I See Hawks in LA

    published March 9, 2006

    Try as you might to avoid the heinous hippie-cliché "cosmic" when describing the music of I See Hawks in LA, when the melodies, lyrics, harmonies a... More >>

  • Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen

    published March 2, 2006

    Between them, these two have written entire chapters in the history of whatever you want to call what happened when rock met country, when... More >>

  • Domino Kings

    published February 23, 2006

    They may not be from Texas, but Springfield, Missouri's Domino Kings are still one of the best country bands on planet Earth right now. Not that... More >>

  • Max Stalling

    published February 16, 2006

    If the world is looking for another Don Williams, Max Stalling pretty much fits the bill. Stalling has stockpiled a clutch of songs that recall... More >>

  • Drywall

    published February 16, 2006

    Looks like former Wall of Voodoo leader Stan Ridgway (remember "Mexican Radio"?) has re-emerged from LA noir-rock obscurity just in time to lob a... More >>

  • Yvonne Washington

    published February 9, 2006

    If you want biographical confusion, Google nimble, mellow-voiced jazz singer Yvonne Washington. According to one site, she was born and raised in... More >>

  • Marshall Crenshaw

    published February 9, 2006

    It's amazing how many people don't know Marshall Crenshaw. Oh, sure, '80s hipsters are as aware of Crenshaw as they are of the Plimsouls or the... More >>

  • Brian Keane, Wayne Sutton and Rachel Loy

    published February 9, 2006

    Most of Houston has yet to discover these Austin singer-songwriters, who each released interesting records in 2005 that garnered good press.... More >>

  • The Gourds, with Last Train Home

    published February 2, 2006

    Around our house, a new Gourds album is anticipated like a sacred tablet coming down from the mountain or, at the very least, a new episode of... More >>

  • Grupo Fantasma

    published February 2, 2006

    An instant party wherever they set up, Austin's Grupo Fantasma is to Latin funk what our own supergroup Los Skarnales is to Latino punk. Their... More >>

  • Adrian Legg

    published February 2, 2006

    There's an old saw that guitar players are a dime a dozen. Tom T. Hall once wrote, "There ain't no money in it and it'll lead you to an early... More >>

  • Mercy Eventually

    published February 2, 2006

    My dad is 74 years old and lives four miles outside a small town in central Texas. Needless to say, he's not exactly up-to-date on the latest in... More >>

  • Rich Hopkins and Luminarios

    published January 26, 2006

    Just shows how mucked up the music scene is that a guy with Rich Hopkins's pedigree is passing through town almost anonymously. It wouldn't be... More >>

  • Joy Lynn White

    published January 19, 2006

    Fans of Linda Ronstadt's versions of "Different Drum," "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" and "Heatwave" should feel instantly at home with Joy... More >>

  • Eric Taylor

    published January 19, 2006

    Eric Taylor may have been born a Midwest Yankee and may these days inhabit the mantle of a Columbus, Texas, gentleman rancher, but his artistic... More >>

  • Rev. Billy C. Wirtz

    published January 19, 2006

    The Right Reverend Billy C. Wirtz, who presides over the House of Polyester Worship and Horizontal Throbbing Teenage Desire, is in his own words... More >>

  • Sunny Day

    published Oct 19, 2006

    Courtesy of Sunny Sweeney A little like Loretta: Sweeney The East Texas twang in Sunny Sweeney's voice takes us back to Loretta Lynn's heyday, back before regional differences had been homogeniz... More >>

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