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  • Chinaberry Reflections

    published January 27, 2011

    Even though Rodney Crowell has called Nashville home for almost 40 years, he will forever be the Houston Kid. Raised in Channelview and Jacinto... More >>

  • Pickin' on Nashville

    published January 27, 2011

    One of the great tenor voices in country music history, Vince Gill has a staggering list of accomplishments: 20 Grammys, 18 Country Music... More >>

  • Sunrise With Willie Nelson, Mickey Newbury And Darrell Royal

    Sunrise With Willie Nelson, Mickey Newbury And Darrell Royal

    published Jan 25, 2011

    Back when Willie Nelson had returned to Austin from Nashville and suddenly become the hillbilly crown prince of the Live Music Capital of the World - which was not yet known by that somewhat dubious n... More >>

  • Conroe Man Could Have Bought Willie Nelson's Crazy For $10

    Conroe Man Could Have Bought Willie Nelson's "Crazy" For $10

    published Jan 19, 2011

    One day in 1960, Larry Butler was rehearsing his band at the Esquire Ballroom on Hempstead Highway when the manager approached and said a man at the front door wanted to talk to him. "So I told her ... More >>

  • Friday Night: Daniel Johnston's 50th Birthday At Fitzgerald's

    Friday Night: Daniel Johnston's 50th Birthday At Fitzgerald's

    published Jan 17, 2011

    Daniel Johnston Fitzgerald's January 14, 2011 Check out our slideshow from Friday night's birthday festivities. News had already reached Aftermath before we arrived at Fitzgerald's for Daniel Johnst... More >>

  • The Best Bar-Fight Song Of All Time: "Colorado Kool-Aid"

    published Jan 13, 2011

    "I's sittin' in this beer joint down in Houston, Texas/ Drinkin' Colorado Kool-Aid and talkin' to some Mexicans..." So begins one of the greatest bar fight songs of all time. Along with "Pardon M... More >>

  • Cracker's David Lowery: The Tea Party Ain't Gonna Suck Itself

    published Jan 12, 2011

    Anyone who bought Cracker's most recent release, Sunrise In the Land of Milk and Honey, knows Camper Van Beethoven mastermind and Cracker front man David Lowery can get political and do it in interest... More >>

  • Hustle Town

    published January 13, 2011

    The New Orleans Hustlers Brass Band, which plays Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrations Saturday at the Rothko Chapel and Sunday at Under the... More >>

  • Clyde Brewer, Western Swing Star, Passes Away At 80

    published Jan 11, 2011

    Versatile musician Clyde Brewer, one of the founders of the popular Houston-area Western swing band River Road Boys, passed away Jan. 8 at his home near Magnolia. He was 80. Originally from Luling a... More >>

  • In The Jailhouse Now: Tom DeLay's Prison Soundtrack

    published Jan 10, 2011

    Tom DeLay is, in Lonesome, Onry and Mean's opinion, one of the lowest, vilest, most divisive, scum-sucking snake oil salesmen ever to enter politics. Now DeLay is heading to the pokey to serve time fo... More >>

  • Friday Night: Danny Barnes At Last Concert Cafe

    published Jan 10, 2011

    Danny Barnes Last Concert Cafe January 7, 2010 Danny Barnes is a big ole boy. In jeans and white concert T-shirt, he doesn't exactly overdress for success and comes across very much the common man. A... More >>

  • Plus-Size Songs For Those Post-Holiday Pounds

    published Jan 07, 2011

    One of the reasons Lonesome Onry and Mean's local waterhole is our local waterhole is its excellent, eclectic, even exotic jukebox. There's truly something for everyone. For the novices and/or narrow... More >>

  • Delivery Man

    published January 6, 2011

    "My baby she's workin' for the TSA / Her hair in a bun / Her hand on her gun / We make love with the radio on" – Danny Barnes,... More >>

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