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  • 7 days ago | Ask Willie D

    I’M IN TROUBLE WITH MY GIRL FOR FLIRTING WITH HER MOTHER Dear Willie D: My girl’s mother came to visit us the other day, and I complimented her on her beauty. I told her that she looked great, and could give any 20-year-old a run for their money (...

  • 14 days ago | Ask Willie D

    MY MAN MASTURBATES ALL THE TIME Dear Willie D: I think my man has a mental disorder. He masturbates all the time. I don’t know where he gets the energy. We have sex at least five times a week. He is a hotshot driver. Today he called me at home...

  • 21 days ago | Ask Willie D

    BOYS DON’T LIKE ME Dear Willie D: I’m a 17-year-old girl who will be a high-school senior next year. Everybody tells me I’m cute, except boys. They don’t even look at me. I have other friends who are always going on dates with boys, and they talk ...

  • 28 days ago | Ask Willie D

    MY GIRL WANTS ME TO TAKE A LIE DETECTOR TEST Dear Willie D: My girlfriend is extremely insecure. She can’t stand it when I visit my parents’ house because my ex lives directly across the street. We are childhood sweethearts, and our families are v...

  • 1 month ago | Ask Willie D

    MY SON’S FRIEND SAW ME NAKED Dear Willie D: I used to not think anything of showering with the bathroom door unlocked because I lived alone with my son. We have a rule: If the door is shut, knock. I’m not one of those free spirited mothers who wal...

  • 1 month ago | Ask Willie D

    I CAN ONLY HAVE SEX WITH MY LADY WHEN I’M DRUNK OR HIGH Dear Willie D: It's bad when you’re married to a woman who don’t turn you on unless you’re chemically imbalanced. My wife used to be gorgeous, but in the past six years she’s fell so far off...


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