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  • 2 days ago | Ask Willie D

    Dear Willie D: I need you to look out for me on this one. Quick question: Is it okay for a son to see his dad cry? I have only seen my father cry twice: When his grandmother died, and on his death bed, the day he looked me in...

  • 9 days ago | Ask Willie D

    Dear Willie D: I need your advice. An ex has tracked me down after I left him and moved. He's cliqued up and he keeps communicating with me through so many people. Like, it's fucking crazy. He's an independent "business" man and cliqued up so I kn...

  • 16 days ago | Ask Willie D

    Dear Willie D: At just 39 years of age, my husband was crushed at work by an earth-moving machine, and temporally lost the use of his legs due to a spinal injury. The machine caused him to have erectile dysfunction, which he’s been struggling with...

  • 23 days ago | Ask Willie D

    MY MAN THINKS I’M HIS SLAVE Dear Willie D: I’m starting to think the only reason my boyfriend is in a relationship with me is so I can clean up after him, cook his food, and give him sex whenever he wants it. He never lifts a finger to do...

  • 30 days ago | Ask Willie D

    SHOULD I MAKE A SEX TAPE WITH MY BOYFRIEND? Dear Willie D: I’m 19 and being pressured by my boyfriend to make a sex tape with him. He told me that if I truly loved and trusted him, I would do it. I want to do it, but I’m afraid...

  • 1 month ago | Ask Willie D

    I’M IN TROUBLE WITH MY GIRL FOR FLIRTING WITH HER MOTHER Dear Willie D: My girl’s mother came to visit us the other day, and I complimented her on her beauty. I told her that she looked great, and could give any 20-year-old a run for their money (...


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