Best Band to Leave Houston (2000)


Obvious jokes that come to mind when it is learned that, of all the dens of iniquity, Los Angeles is the new home of cannabis commanders and slip-hop merchants I-45: If L.A. suddenly is recrowned the smoggiest city in America, then Houston City Council knows where to send the cleanup bill (c/o Tripp Von Slipp, Tech Ron B. and DJ Rudy Martinez 2000, a.k.a. I-45). Houston may hold the smog title for now, but keep your itchy, watery eyes on wherever I-45 calls home. Whatever you do, do not invite Slash to play your wedding reception or show him where you hide your dugout; and last, tell everyone the boys from Rap-A-Lot said, "BANG, BANG, BANG!" (Just kidding.) Though Houston -- and its "Dirty South" sound -- is currently Rap Mecca, USA, the town was apparently too narrow for I-45 and its plush but skeezy beats. L.A. simply may have been the ideal place for the trio's tunes about blunts, weed, dope and getting all smoked up.


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