Best Camp (2000)

When Pigs Fly

Howard Crabtree's When Pigs Fly is perhaps one of the silliest, funniest and even bravest autobiographical scripts ever penned. Totally gay and wonderfully queeny, the odd synthesis of old-fashioned musical and screeching wildness set up camp at Masquerade Theatre, and there it spun a magical haze of hilarious hair-sprayed boys behaving like girls. Punny and irreverent, the songs about gay love attacked the right-wing agenda with all the long-nailed vengeance of a catfight out of control. Especially good was Matthew George, who purred out a recurring song in which he claimed to burn for such far-right codgers as Strom Thurmond: "Strom," he sang, "go ask your mom if I can take you to the senior, senior, senior prom." This sort of salacious political satire was made even better by a series of visual gags that included a lifelike Bette Davis dummy that was wheeled onto the stage in full Baby Jane drag. Pushing all sorts of important political buttons without indulging in a single moment of maudlin self-pity, Crabtree's show and Masquerade's wonderful production showed us how serious good raucous camp can be.


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