Best Comedy Club (2000)

Laff Stop

Face it. The heat, humidity, hurricanes and assorted other urban horrors make Houston a place that can't survive without a healthy dose of -- you guessed it -- humor. While there are only a handful of stand-up comedy venues in the area, the the Laff Stop consistently comes through with the pros with the punch-line polish. The late Bill Hicks and assorted other Texas Outlaw Comics kept Houstonians laughing through the Bayou City's bleak days, and Laff Stop operator Mark Babbitt ensures that the fun will continue into the future. Laff Stop has a suitable venue, with good service and a showroom that holds up to 300, along with a more intimate lounge. Credit Babbitt's coast connections for a steady supply of major-league comedians (Jake Johannsen, Lewis Black, Harland Williams and Colin Quinn, to name a few). And his handle on humor keeps the club on top of the area's comedic scene. The Laff Stop bills itself as Texas's oldest comedy club -- while it shows it still has the freshest talent. And that's no joke.


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