Squish-squish, go your shoes as you enter the darkened theater. Squish-squish-squish, they continue, as you make your way down the aisle, eyes scanning for that perfect middle seat. To prevent anyone from blocking your line of sight to the screen, you might rest your legs over the chair in front of you. No one will want to sit there, not after your shoes have been in contact with the sticky residue of spilled soft drinks and scattered Skittles on the unwashed theater floor. Dollar movie theaters may be cheap, but they also tend to be dumps. Windchimes Cinema 8 is not as dumpy as most. The trash here gets picked up more often; the floors are a little less sticky; the banal arcade games actually work; the popcorn is made often enough; and the restrooms are relatively clean, big and easy to find. And of course there's the bargain: $1.50 after 6 p.m., $1 before 6 p.m., and a mere 50 cents on "Family Day," every Tuesday.

Location Details

13155 Westheimer Rd.
Houston TX 77077


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