Best IMAX Theater (2000)

Edwards Marq*E IMAX Theatre

With all due respect to the Houston Museum of Natural Science's IMAX Theatre, which has been giving us exemplary wide-screen nature documentaries for 12 years now, this theater takes the prize because it shows the cool IMAX flicks -- the ones in 3-D, y'all! Seeing how koala bears survive in their natural habitat is fine and all that, but for years we've been hearing about what an ass-blasting experience it is to see an IMAX movie in 3-D. And the only way Houstonians could catch a show is if they drove all the way out there to Moody Gardens in Galveston. Luckily, the folks at the new Edwards are providing a closer venue. So far, its only 3-D offering is Cirque du Soleil's human-civilization yarn Journey of Man, which has its moments of jaw-dropping wonder. All right, so it might not be the coolest 3-D movie in the world (the little-seen martial-arts film Dynasty takes that honor), but it's worth it just to check out the glasses (helmets is more like it), which nearly cover your whole damn head and have speakers inside for movies with an "internal monologue" soundtrack. If you can manage to wear the glasses without tipping over, you'll have a sweet time.


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