Best Live Music Venue (2000)

Sidecar Pub

Adding up sound, clientele, drink selection and ambience, you couldn't beat the Sidecar Pub with a male Tennessee Williams character at your side. The owners, husband and wife Peron Einkauf and Marybeth Moore, have done somersaults to create the ideal joint, from the century-old Belgian chairs to the 140 international beers available. Einkauf is about six foot six, 200-some pounds, and Moore wears hats outlandish enough to make a Kentucky Derby blueblood envious. And while Moore makes the toasts and tends bar, Einkauf works the club's 32-channel board and eight sub-boards for the live original bands pumping through the Sidecar's high-ceilinged space, which holds about 300 max, 250 on heavy-metal nights. (Those bins of hair spray gotta sit somewhere, right?)


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