Best Local Television Show Causing a Commotion (2000)

Street Flava, KUHT Channel 8

Ever since Channel 39's Straight from the Streetz, hosted by the KBXX-FM's omnipresent Madd Hatta, sadly disappeared from television airwaves a while back, rap-video enthusiasts who can't afford cable for BET or public access have had to get their weekly fix from KUHT's Saturday-night video fest. But not all folks love the program. According to the people at the local PBS station, a number of African-American women have called to complain about the demeaning way in which women are depicted in some of the videos. So far, the female backlash hasn't affected the show's content, but it is becoming somewhat of a bitch to locate the show's producers and its host, Daryl "D-Solo" Harris. The program does, however, manage to hype up local rap acts that wouldn't regularly get attention on the television airwaves. And yes, the videos do show some women with immense posteriors wobble-wobbling and dropping it like it's hot. It's unfortunate that rap videos have to cart out scantily clad, booty-shaking gals to garner some attention, but at least it's not showing bootleg footage of Freaknic or spring break videos.


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