Best Nasty Puppets (2000)

Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre

Disturbing, funny and downright odd, Joel Orr's Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre is the best and, thankfully, only one of its kind in town. The creepy beings who come out to play at Orr's strange theatrical events are nothing less than your worst childhood nightmares come to full-color papier-mäché life. Talking devil heads, lost souls and killer shadow puppets appeared on the Atomic Cafe stage during Orr's most recent foray into puppet art, an utterly fascinating triptych titled Corruption of the Species, about the nasty act of staying alive in a cruel and unforgiving universe. Imagine a shadow land in which an antelope and a hare sip martinis and dish the nasty dirt on everybody else in the forest. Imagine the wormy hearts of fornicators made manifest as they go about their lovemaking. Imagine the lonely lives of souls spent wandering the void, looking for bodies to inhabit. All this popped out of Orr's head and onto the stage in his scary, smart, visually arresting, musically lush show. Bobbindoctrin is one of those intensely creepy nightmares where first you sweat, then you swear, then you get down on your knees and pray.


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