Best New Black Novelist (2000)

Troy L. Martin

African-American literary circles around this country may be singing the praises of such contemporary authors as E. Lynn Harris, Eric Jerome Dickey and Omar Tyree, but black Houstonians have their own Sensitive Brotha educating the men and satisfying the women with his dead-on words. This year author and local boy Troy L. Martin independently published and distributed his debut novel, Dazed and Confused: Surviving Life in the Game (Trojan Works Publishing), a witty, vividly funny, possibly autobiographical story of a young black man looking for success both professionally and romantically. Martin has a keen flair for incorporating facets of African-American pop culture that make the book a familiar, engaging dramedy for many readers. (White people should read this book just so they can finally understand how to talk to black folks.) The book has gotten raves since its release, and people inevitably snatch up copies whenever Martin does public appearances and reads excerpts. Here's hoping that someday Martin will get to experience the same love Harris gets when he comes to town for a book-signing, the kind of love where you have to fend off hordes of fans with cattle prods.


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