Best Radio Sidekick (2000)

Jay Mack, The Madd Hatta Show, KBXX/97.9 FM

You gotta give some much-deserved credit to the man they call Jay Mack. How many brothas out there you know who are as suave as a Julio Iglesias song and can still not take themselves too seriously? There seems to be a shortage these days. Thankfully, the cat who co-commands the mike every weekday afternoon on the city's most widely listened to urban radio station is one of them. Every day during drive-time hours, this chrome-domed gentleman co-pilots the popular program and serves as the show's prime source of comic material. And not just in the goofy-ass way you get from other FM radio shifts. The unintentional humor that pops up on this show is smooth, charismatic and effortlessly funny, with Mack himself on the receiving end of many of the one-liners top dog Madd Hatta and other contributing crew members hurl at him. But Mack can take it because he knows this: 1) they're just jokes; and 2) no matter what, he'll still be able to get laid at the end of the day. The lucky sum-bitch.


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