Best Unsigned Band (2000)

Los Skarnales

It's just too damn bad major record labels haven't figured out a way to bottle live energy and the hundreds of bodies that figure into that force and package it. If they could, the work of ska giants Los Skarnales would be worth more than a Los Alamos hard drive. With catsuit-tight horn lines, which are always inventive and never redundant, start-stop rhythms and punk attitude, Los Skarnales sticks it to "rock A.E." (after Elvis). Stacks of suitcase-size amplifiers and secondhand blues licks do not a "rock" band make. So long as ska remains popular -- and in light of the postmodern thought that says there's a genre for every music lover out there -- Los Skarnales will be under one of the big five labels' distribution wings soon. The band already belongs to local independent powerhouse Pinche Flojo Records.


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