Best Family Restaurant (2000)


The current Asian invasion has revived a classic form of entertainment: the Japanese steak house. Family groups, especially those covering a wide age span, are the perfect audience for the sleight of hand of Tokyohana's master table chefs. Though elitists may find the show a little cheesy, children watch in wide-eyed wonder something as simple as preparing the grill flame. Preteens jump at the chance to catch in their mouths the zucchini cubes the chef tosses, and even savvy teenagers get a cheap thrill from the Tokyohana birthday party, which includes a special dessert, song and snapshot. To top off the experience, the food is really good. Though the chop-chop preparation is a sight to see, the cuisine itself is simple, featuring mostly chicken, sirloin and shrimp cooked on the grill, with just a little seasoning and a lot of garlic butter. To impress the in-laws, order the pricey Tex-Jap, a winning combination of beef tenderloin and scallops.

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Location Details

3239 SW Freeway
Houston TX 77027


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