Best Garlic Beef (2000)

The Golden Room

Almost everything at this Thai/Chinese restaurant is good. One strange bonus is that the place is almost always empty. The walls are red with gold trim and funky Chinese artifacts; the waitstaff smiles and doesn't say much. The garlic beef is the best food we've ever tasted in our entire lives. They must marinate the meat for a month, or maybe they raise cows in the back on a diet of pure garlic. We don't know, we don't care, we just want to eat there every day. The platter usually comes with two slices of cucumber, a slice of tomato, a big pile of beef and steamed rice served in the shape of Texas. We usually ask for extra vegetables, and they happily bring us a few more slices of cucumber on the side. The beef is so good we lick the sauce off the plate. The last time we were there we of course asked for extra veggies, but the dish came out different. The portion was much larger, and instead of just a plate piled with beef, there were fresh snow peas, mushrooms and carrots. Plus, it was a little bit spicy. We didn't think they could make it any better, but they did.


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