Best Neighborhood Spot in West University (2000)

Edloe St. Cafe & Deli, 6119 Edloe, (713)666-4302

With its rows of tract mansions and commercial urban sprawl, it's easy to forget about West U's quaint town square. Anchored by the Little League field and surrounded by the school, the grocery store, the library and the courthouse is the Edloe St. Cafe & Deli. There, in the cramped but cozy spot, locals line up for dishes that are more reminiscent of a luncheonette than a deli. But gee, Wally, is it good? Sandwiches of egg salad, tuna, pimento cheese and the favorite -- the club, piled high with turkey and bacon and served on thick slices of egg bread -- are sided with a homemade potato salad chock-full of red peppers and parsley. Servers come out at night, dishing up Edloe's famous chicken enchiladas, its rich four-cheese macaroni and cheese and, on occasion, grilled snapper, which can be enjoyed with a decent selection of wine and beer. The whole comfort-food experience is made even more so during moderate months, when diners do the alfresco thing outside.


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