Best Bar with a Ghost Story (2000)

The Ale House

Lend an ear to anybody over at the hallowed beer hall, and they will tell stories of the apparition that has been lurking in the nooks and crannies of the place for ages. Just how long has this spook been around? Well, long enough that the people have given it a name: Maggie. Cynical social drinkers may not buy the idea of a phantasmal barfly, but the employees and regulars stick by their stories -- and man, do they have stories. There was the one time a couple of employees found a bunch of candles lit on the second floor. They blew out all the candles, but when the owner of the bar went upstairs, he found one more candle lit. And when he picked up the candle to blow it out, the glass container it was in shattered in his hands. (Oooh, we're on some Tales from the Darkside shit now!) Or how about the one where the cleaning lady took her kids to work one day and the little ones were scared to play upstairs because they could "hear her voices"? Sure, you can dismiss all of this as drunken hokum, but the management has invited a medium to observe the place, and the medium gave it a scary-ass seal of approval. With all the corporations that are buying up property around that area, they should think before getting the idea of plowing down the hallowed Ale House. They wouldn't wanna open up a Starbucks there and have somebody see dead people -- serving them up a grande mocha latte.


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