Best Ferry (2000)


We dithered on this one: Lynchburg or Bolivar? Bolivar or Lynchburg? Lynchburg is a shorter ride, a smaller, perhaps cozier ferry, and it operates in the appropriately industrial seascape of the Ship Channel near the San Jacinto Monument, which is always a plus. The Bolivar ferries make for a longer trip, they're bigger, sturdier-seeming boats, and the mood is more often recreational than businesslike, with weekenders taking the joyride from Galveston Island to the peninsula. Both are free rides. Having frequented both, we frankly couldn't find cause for a preference until Thursday, July 20, when local news outlets reported the story of a woman who had driven her new Ford pickup onto the Lynchburg Ferry and then, hitting the gas instead of the brake, through the barrier chain and right off again into the 50-foot-deep water. Ferry employee Severo Hernandez ditched his hat and gloves and dived into the drink to try to save her, as did a ferry passenger. The woman made it out okay; her truck was eventually dredged up, wetter for the wear, and the heroism broke our Bolivar/Lynchburg tie. With service like that, how could the Lynchburg lose?


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