Best Happy Hour (2000)

JR.'s Bar & Grill

Right in the center of Houston's gay bars, JR.'s has one of the longest and most entertaining happy hours around. Though its patrons are predominantly gay men, people of all persuasions are welcome (age 21 and older, that is). Happy hour begins at noon (yes, noon) but really starts firing up around 5:30 p.m. The drink specials vary nightly, but you can always count on $2.25 well drinks, the same for longneck bottles of domestic beer, and $1 off all top-shelf liquor. What makes JR.'s happy hour so worthwhile is Ms. Mama Carol. The light-haired diva behind the bar will break out in dance at the drop of a hat, and is more likely to bend your ear about her boyfriend and show you the flowers he sent her than to listen to you cry in your drink over yours. But if you need to cry, go on Wednesday, Ms. Carol's day off. That way you get it out of your system before the weekend.


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