Best Roadway Improvement (2000)

U.S. 59 from I-10 to just south of Humble

Not that long ago, the Eastex Freeway was the obvious orphan of area transportation arteries, a forlorn, four-lane route to sheer frustration. Compared to its sister link, the Southwest Freeway on the other side of town, this section of U.S. 59 suffered from potholes, uneven pavement, antiquated access and awful scenery. The scenery hasn't changed much, but the infrequent travelers will swear that this exotic and efficient freeway just can't be the old Eastex. After some five years of construction, the result is a gleaming dream of a design that spans up to 12 lanes in some places. The progress is apparent in that most savvy motorists know that the Eastex will usually beat the beleaguered North Freeway on any run to Bush International Airport. Of course, there's still the Humble-area traffic snarl when the improvements end. But take progress one milepost at a time. TxDOT finally did something right.


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