Best Apartment Complex Tennis Center (2000)

Westchase Ranch Resort Apartments

Let's face it: When you think of apartment complex tennis courts, the image of a lumpy concrete slab with a woefully uneven, dilapidated span of chain-link fence serving as the net probably comes to mind. Most complexes tend to throw in a tennis court as a means of justifying why your rent is going up for the fourth time in three years, but at the Westchase Ranch Resort Apartments in west Houston, athletic-minded renters have the opportunity to play on some of the finest, best-maintained courts in the city. Tennis pro Nick Ware rides herd over eight tabletop-smooth courts surrounded by quality windscreen netting that effectively diminishes even the highest gusts. What's more, Ware provides personal and group instruction, and the center hosts several tournaments per year. The center is so good it might even make homeowners consider returning to apartment life.


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