Best Bicycle Day Trip (2000)

Houston to Fulshear

Start behind West Oaks Mall and head out Westheimer, which becomes FM 1093. Turn left at 1464 (by the Shell station), across the tracks past the Clodine general store. Instead of following 1464 as it curves left, take the road to the right, which is O'Brien. Cross Beechnut and continue to Madden. Take a right and head west. Note the goats on the left at the first curve. The Texas Department of Corrections owns most of the land out here. Take a right at the stop sign (Harlem Road) and go a short way until the first left, which is Mortin. Now you're riding in the Brazos River Valley. Note the cotton fields on the right. Cross 99 and continue to Skinner. Turn left. This is river bottom and prime horse country. Make a right at the bridge (McCrary). Past Bryn Myr Farms, note the emus on your right. Go all the way until Richmond-Foster, where you'll make a right. Continue to FM 359 north and make a left. This is a good time for a stop. Fortunately you're right at Old Schulze's Antiques. Located in a 1929 building is an amazing collection of restored wooden furniture, including a desk made out of an old organ, and a complete confessional, if you're decorating in a Catholic motif. Continue past the sprawling Hines Nursery until 1093. Take a left into Fulshear. When you intersect Main Street, make a right and go four blocks until you find Dozier's Grocery. This is where you want to stop for some of the best barbecue ribs in these parts. It's about 50 miles round-trip.


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