Best Place to In-line Skate (2000)

River Oaks

I'm sorry, what did you say? The Fruit Loop offers the best blading in town? Honey, you need to start thinking like a realtor: location, location, location. What a difference a couple of miles makes. With its stratospheric tax bracket, River Oaks offers the smoothest asphalt, the safest environs and the most beautiful scenery in town. Forget the sweaty multitudes, close quarters and repetitive circles of Memorial Park. Houston's most prestigious neighborhood attracts in-line enthusiasts with its graceful curves and hills, expansive manicured lawns and careful (Sunday) drivers. This premier blading mileage, bounded by Kirby, San Felipe, Willowick and the namesake country club, winds past mansion after mansion of the cream of Houston's real estate crop, so you can exercise your Lotto fantasies as well as your legs.


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