Best Place to See a College Football Game (2000)

Robertson Stadium, University of Houston

Wait a minute, that's not just "Robertson Stadium," that's "John O'Quinn Field at Robertson Stadium." A lengthy name like that is what happens when a big-bucks alumnus donates $6 million to improve a facility that's named after a former UH regent. The public-relations people at UH would like you to call the place "The Mighty Quinn," but that seems a bit contrived. At any rate, the $6 million gift has resulted in new life for the 59-year-old stadium. The track that circled the football field is gone, and the field was lowered by nine feet so more seats could be added; permanent bleachers have been built in the end zones; and there's lots of new paint and landscaping. The place is far from luxurious, but it does offer a nostalgic feel for football games in the days before luxury boxes and carpeted stadium hallways. The skyline of Houston offers a dramatic backdrop to the game, and when the sun goes down and the temperature drops, the setting can be quite enjoyable.


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