Best Place to See a Polo Game (2000)

Houston Polo Club

Polo used to be called the sport of kings because you had to have six horses to play (one for each period in the game). These days you don't have to be a member of the royal family to play, and you sure don't have to be upper-class to watch. Polo is like hockey on horseback. The game is fast-moving, the horses are gorgeous, and the teams are coed. The level of play is skillful, as the Houston Polo Club is ranked one of the top five clubs in the country. The irony is that if you mention attending an amateur polo game at the nearest thing that we have to a country field, you're likely to draw a sneer, while spending a week's paycheck to attend a proletarian baseball game at Enron Field is considered cool. Why can't we simply learn to experience the pleasures of the game?

Location Details

8552 Memorial Dr.
Houston TX 77024


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