Best Sports Bar (2000)

SRO Sports Bar & Cafe

Nothing says "fine dining" like rows and rows of autographed sneakers and moldy uniforms, but such is the standard decor at sports bars nationwide. Luckily you don't go to sports bars for food. You go to see games you can't get on the tube at home, with a lively crowd, and you hope the beer's good and the food is serviceable. The SRO location at Westheimer and Gessner ably provides the necessities. It's a large, airy place, with a high ceiling that cuts back considerably on the problem of being unable to see the screen through the haze of secondhand smoke. The plentiful booths all have televisions that can be tuned to any number of games if you're somehow not satisfied with the choices offered by the big screens. The food's fine, as far as these places go; there are even some heart-healthy offerings in case cheese fries and nachos aren't your style. And yeah, if you just can't live without them, there are plenty of old sneakers and other memorabilia lining the walls.


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