Best Thing About Enron Field (2000)

Lots of Foul-Ball and Home-Run Souvenirs

There's a lot to like about Enron Field. (There's also a lot to dislike, but now's not the time to mention $5.25 beers. Or cold hot dogs. Or the cramped and hot upper deck. And now certainly is not the time to bring up the team's performance this year.) Enron is far more fan-friendly than the Dome; parking hasn't been the hassle some thought it would be; and it's just plain great to have baseball downtown. The best thing about the new stadium, though, is the potential for freebie souvenirs, in the form of foul balls and home runs. The stands at Enron are much closer to the foul lines than in the Dome, so lots of foul balls that would have been pop-up outs last year are going into the seats. And there are sections on the field level where fouls come screaming in with such regularity that you might want to wear a batting helmet. And of course, Enron's outfield dimensions are decidedly, if not infamously, cozy. Homers come with sometimes numbing regularity. At batting practice even the pitchers are popping dingers. If Enron Field needs a slogan, it might be "Bring your glove."


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