Best Actor (2001)

John Tyson

As usual, John Tyson stole the show when he showed up on the Alley Theatre's stage during Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream with big blown-up balloon boobs tucked in his shirt. He was Flute, who plays Thisby in Shakespeare's play inside the play. And it makes delicious sense that Tyson, Houston's consummate clown (who can also weep the saddest tears), should have frolicked his way into our hearts once more in such a crazy getup. The audience roared with laughter when he walked across the stage and giggled in his girly squeak. Then they literally rocked in their seats, holding their bellies as they howled with laughter when one boob burst and Tyson deadpanned straight out, "you know what's coming next," before he reached up and popped the other airy orb. No, it wasn't serious, but it was brilliant; there is no performance from the entire season more memorable or more deserving than Tyson's hysterical clown.


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