They don't call it the Shady Tavern for nothing. The "tavern" part is really more of an icehouse, but the "shady" part -- an expansive side yard -- is blessedly covered with plenty of tall sheltering trees. And nestled among the pines in this low-rent bar west of the Heights is a small but serviceable stage where Bert Wills might be crying in his beer to a bunch of Harley-riding bikers. Or someone else might be singing to a more genteel crowd as kids play on the grass and run free. Outdoor concerts in a Houston summer are usually pretty dicey affairs unless you're in the a/c bubble of the Woodlands Pavilion, but the Shady Tavern offers a nice bit of music under the trees, served up without any frills but with a fine sense of place.

Location Details

1206 W. 20th
Houston TX 77008


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